Bernardo Accolti identifies as an art form rather than an artist. The name Bernardo means ‘strong as a bear’ in many languages. This characteristic animal is a form of expression that Bernardo Accolti uses as a part of his artistic identity and sees many resemblances between the bear and himself”. In many art pieces you will encounter the bear, which is used to portray the artist’s feelings and convey his message.

Furthermore, you will find multiple art works that provide an active association with outer space. This is the embodiment of Bernardo Accolti’s vision, as he finds his sentiments, thoughts, ideas and expressions should not be limited to the earthly boundaries. Art exceeds all boundaries, that typifies Bernardo Accolti. In that spirit, Bernardo Accolti has decided to make and share art from underneath his cloak of anonymity.

This art form cannot be classified using the existing art forms, as it is an unprecedented, modern and unique form of expression. Its authenticity and exclusiveness are guaranteed through the rarity of the art and the limited number of artworks available to the public.